Honda Cbr 1000 RR 2012 -2016 KIT PER CBR 1000 2008 - 2011

Street Fairing Bodywork in ABS painted compatible with Honda Cbr 1000 RR 2012 -2016 KIT PER CBR 1000 2008 - 2011

The fairings we supply are painted by us like the picture that the customer chooses during the purchase. We paint the product in our Italian painting warehouses based in Codogno (LO). According to the European law, we use water paints. The ABS fairings we sell are completely compatible with the bike of the customer, according to the shape, joints, supports, air intakes, black plastics and every component, that is necessary for the correct installation of the product (we don’t supply bolts), for a really low price. We use injection moulds and the thickness of the fairings is around 3-4mm. We sell them painted and we include the heat protection. It’s possible to choose different painting qualities:

Economic: we don’t use original colours and the graphics chosen by the customer are under a double layer of clear coat. We paint the front upper part inside.

Elite: we use RM and PPG’s colours that have an higher quality and we offer a professional painting with colours that have a shade really similar to the stock colours, graphics are printed with all shades through 8 colours printing plotters that use ECO-SOL MAX inks with a quality and solar rays resistance guaranteed by the Company APA, that supplies the materials, for 7 years. We put the stickers under 3 layers of clear coat.

Original: we follow the same procedure of the Elite Painting, but we use the same Original Paint Code of the bike, so it means that we use pearled colours. The price of this kind of painting is 190.00€ + VAT more than the elite painting.

Tanks: For different models we can supply a tank cover that perfectly covers the stock tank and it comes painted as the design chosen by the customer. Otherwise, we can paint the stock tank of the bike. The price of both options is 150.00€ + VAT.

If you can’t find the design you like, you can send us an email with a picture of the desired design to our email address [email protected] and our Graphic Designers can prepare a Proof for just 35.00€.

Delivery times are indicated when you buy the product.

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